About Us

Crafting is such a fun and inexpensive way to bond as a family, so why does it seem like a dwindling activity in the presence of screen time and plastic toys? 

Hi, my name is Adrianna Dune and I am a mom to two beautiful boys. My husband works away a lot, so it’s just my sons for most of the day and me. 

A few years ago, my son (then three years old) was very into colorful cartoons and watching television. It got to the point where he would scream and throw the remote at me if it wasn’t on.

As a mom with a newborn attached to me, you can guess how that went!

After a few weeks of desperately trying to plead with a headstrong toddler, I broke down to my husband. Something had to change.

We spent all afternoon researching things to do other than screen time. That’s when we found an article on how to make cartoon characters out of putty. 

After my son’s nap, I had everything laid out for him to start making his very own character. I was very apprehensive, but to my delight, he stayed at the table for hours making his favorite characters! 

I couldn’t believe it. I did a massive online order of craft supplies and set up his own little station to enjoy. Excessive screen time was a thing of the past in our house!

I created this website in the hopes of inspiring more families out there to enjoy crafting and enjoy a shared bonding experience over it. Please enjoy it and hopefully, you’ll find something to make that you can display proudly forever!